Calendar app-An Intro

Most people are familiar with today’s major cell phone applications such as Google Maps, Yahoo! 360 and, of course, Apple’s iMovie and iApp. Although your average smartphone might have come bundled with a basic calendar application, it likely pales compared to some of today’s third-party options on the marketplace. Below, we’ve listed some of the most intuitive and beneficial calendar apps for Android and iOS (and, of course, Windows Phone 7). Click to know about Calendar app

If you’re like most people who use their phones for work, then the Calendar App is an excellent choice. This application is one of many calendar applications available that let you view your entire work schedule in a table format so you can keep track of your upcoming events. From there, you can mark off each entry as “do,” “plan”, “print” or something else. In addition, you can add notes about meetings you want to attend, set reminders for things you want to accomplish or plan trips.

If you don’t want to deal with the layout of this calendar app, you can download the free version. The free version lets you see only the main month’s events and does not allow you to change your settings. On the other hand, if you want to change various aspects of how you manage your appointments, the paid version will let you do so. There are no advertisements in the free version and it is designed to work well with any android device.

In addition to being a great time and energy saver, the best calendar apps offer many other great features as well. Some allow you to manage multiple email accounts, allow you to see who’s online in your area, let you see when someone is online and can’t be contacted, etc. Some are excellent travel planners, while others can help you with organizing your hotel reservations and itinerary. Some apps even let you upload pictures, mark meetings, and save your phone contacts directly to your folder. By taking advantage of all these features and extras, you can make the most of your smart phone’s abilities and make using them second nature.